Name Tagline
Or as close as I could get to a 'tagline' - this gives you an idea of what the product aims to be an who it's aimed to be for.
Price per minute AI transcription price per minute
Some providers offer completely automated transcription, which tends to be less accurate, but also much cheaper.
Turnaround time Accuracy Timestamps Zapier integration
Scribe logo makes it easy for you to get high-quality transcripts of your audio/video files
$0.80 $0.10 36 hours 99%
Rev logo
Audio transcription made simple
$1.00 $0.10 12 hours 99%
Transcription Star logo
Top of the line transcription services at prices that'll make you smile
$1.00 48 hours
Descript logo
Record. Transcribe. Edit. Mix. As easy as typing.
$1.25 Free
When you have a $10 per month subscription
24 hours 99%
TranscribeMe logo
Fast & accurate transcriptions
With lower pricing if at higher volumes
$0.10 2-3 business days
With options to pay for faster turnaround times
At the standard pricing. Pay less for lower accuracy or more for 100% accuracy.
For an extra ~$0.10 per minute
GMR logo
Human transcription services you can Ttust
$1.25 3-4 weeks
At the lowest price. Same day turnaround starts at $3.50 per minute
$0.50 extra per audio minute
Transcripty logo
We've transcribed thousands of hours of interviews, podcasts, lectures and more
$1.50 48 hours
For an extra $0.50 per minute
Happy Scribe logo
We help video-editors, journalists, researchers and podcasters to transcribe interviews in minutes.
Volume pricing is used, so at higher volumes, you can pay less per minute
"Half of the file length"
Temi logo
Fast and affordable audio transcription
$0.10 "Minutes" 90-95%